In 2001, the University of Ghent signed a letter of intent to establish a second science park in the hinterlands of Ostend. It is an area of 20 hectares, located near the exit of the E40 highway, the Ghent-Ostend channel, the seaport and the airport of Ostend, allowing for   guaranteed smooth international accessibility.

The science park was named GreenBridge, and now aims to be a future-oriented ecological terrain, where R&D-oriented technology companies can fully develop.


With the support of EFRO and Flanders, the construction of the first wing of the GreenBridge incubator began, accounting for approximately 30 offices and workshops for start-up technology companies in an R&D-oriented, service environment. GreenBridge N.V. was founded for the establishment and promotion of this incubator.


The Green Bridge incubator was officially opened on January 21, 2006.


At the end of 2009 it was decided, with Flemish support (via the Enterprise Agency) and support from EFRO, that a second wing would be built in order to double the number of offices. Through the EFRO project 'The Energy Box' the start was more or less given for a Green Bridge demonstration area with the aim, through visibility and monitoring, of promoting the introduction to the market of innovative technologies in sustainable and renewable energy.


In late June 2013, the second wing with a unique demonstration area, was officially opened. This demonstration area pins GreenBridge on the clean-tech R & D map.
Although the focus of GreenBridge is start-ups and spin-offs it also attracts large companies such as Siemens, Renson, Rehau, Mitsubishi Electric and Spie Belgium, also have cooperation agreements with GreenBridge. The fruitful collaboration through the existing triple helix of companies, research institutions and government was consolidated.
In addition, GreenBridge, with the seminar facilities in the new wing, became an ideal location for 'green' teambuilding activities and organizing (residential) seminars and workshops.

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