R&D Science Park

Looking for an ideal location for your R&D company, or for your research department? The GreenBridge Science Park is home to innovation.

You can freely build your own research center in a pleasant living and working environment. And you are based right at the source of young talent, with a range of specialized skills.


Build your research center quickly, fully customized to your needs.

At GreenBridge Science Park, you won’t find pre-conceived offices, laboratories or meeting rooms. You decide how your site should grow . So you can align your work environment perfectly with your research and development. Moreover, you can count on us for the application and monitoring of your building plans. That will cut out a lot of stress.

You establish yourself in an attractive living and working environment

The GreenBridge Science Park offers you the benefits of a big city office, but none of the disadvantages. Ostend is easily accessible by highway, rail, air and even by water. Without any long waiting times. What’s more, you can find plenty of hotels, restaurants and seminar rooms in Ostend. Ostend is the Queen of seaside resorts. The promenade, the beach, the sea breeze ... all clearly add up to an inspiring environment.

Right at the source of young talent with specialized expertise

At GreenBridge, you will also find an incubation center. Promising R & D talent from your industry matures here. Possible collaboration with these young high-tech start-ups can provide a fresh approach in your research and development.


18 hectare plot. Available to fill.

The GreenBridge Science Park covers a plot of about 18 acres . Available to fill. You decide how you use your land, within the legal requirements. To give you an idea, we asked our construction partner to outline a number of possibilities.


We offer you freedom ... and support services

GreenBridge allows you complete freedom in the development of your business. You can freely build   your infrastructure. We also provide a wide range of support services, from Environment to the following up of permits.

Sustainable park management

The GreenBridge Science Park offers vacant lots where all utilities are provided. GreenBridge resolutely opts for innovation and sustainability. In the fields, for example, you will find reeds for common water treatment, an open canal system for drainage of rainwater...


Administrative follow-up

In order to build your infrastructure and your business, you must have the proper building permits. Our experts will assist you in creating your application. They have thorough knowledge of the procedures, and therefore they can accelerate the processing of your application. We would even be happy to follow up the proceedings.


Support in Your Environment

If you have questions about environmental management and legislation, you can always contact us. You can obtain quick information from our partner network. Our experts will help you in preparing your  application for the necessary environmental and operating licenses. They will anticipate comments from the licensing authorities and thus accelerate the approval process. We will gladly follow the entire process for you, from application to approval.


Research Infrastructure for Blue Energy

The wave tank is a tank of 30 x 30 meters which allows scale models of coastal engineering and offshore structures, such as breakwaters, wave and tidal energy converters or offshore wind turbines, to experience the action of waves, tidal currents and wind. By measuring the behavior of the construction under these loads, the design can then be optimized when they are built in full size.

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