The Flemish Institute for Technological Research, in short VITO, is an authoritative European, independent research and advisory body, that develops sustainable technologies in the field of energy, environment, materials and remote sensing.

VITO provides large and small companies with intelligent and qualitative solutions that enable them to be competitive, as well as objective research, studies and advice that enable industry and government to determine their future policy. VITO’s research can be employed in new, efficient and inexpensive production technologies, reduced energy consumption, biomaterials, health care, environmental care, etc., and also in mapping and monitoring the effects of climate changes.

VITO has approximately 600 highly qualified employees from various specialties  and collaborates with sector federations and their research centers, universities, university colleges and European research institutes. VITO’s research center is located in Mol, with satellite offices in Berchem and Ostend.

Karen Vanderstraeten

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